6 Tips To Overcome Emotional Eating

1. Stop restricting yourself

Restricting food can lead to overeating. Restriction can be in the form of meals which are too small or just the simple act of only choosing what you consider to be "diet foods". Eat food you like and choose foods which nourish your body.

2. Allow yourself to enjoy food

Don't look at foods as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ as this leads to guilt and emotional eating. Think about foods on a continuum of least to most healthy/fulfilling/satisfying and make choices based on that. Just be aware and practice mindfulness around meals so you understand your food choices better.

3. Listen to your body

Are you really eating because you are hungry? Or are you bored/stressed? Tune into your appetite and feelings. Maybe you are stressed and a walk would be a better choice than a whole pack of jaffa cakes. Maybe you are bored and an activity will fill the gap.

4. Strive for a balanced diet

Remember there’s no such thing as a “perfect” diet. But as often as you can, opt for whole foods over processed foods, with a source of protein, carbs and fats at most meals. Eat a wide variety of plant foods, include some dairy, fish/meat and don’t be worried if 20% of your diet is made up of less than healthy options or convenient/processed foods. Everything in moderation.

5. Manage Stress

Stress often leads to comfort or compulsive eating, so it’s important to consciously try and manage your stress. Walking, switching off electronics and alerts, talk with friends, read a book, pet your cat, do yoga or exercise, journal, meditate. There are many ways so find the thing that works for you and make a conscious effort to engage in it daily/weekly.

6. Love and respect yourself

Never blame or criticise yourself. Look at yourself with the same compassion and love you have for friends, family and loved ones. We are all trying to do the best we can and there is no sense in beating yourself up all the time. You are worthy and nobody is any better than you.

I hope these small tips can help you to start making some positive changes to overcome any emotional eating or food and body problems you are facing right now.

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