Food, shape and weight concerns..... Is the coronavirus affecting you?

Hello lovey people. There are so many emails, blogs, posts and news relating to the Coronavirus at the moment that I have kept silent, from passing comment. I have been watching what people are doing (I am a world class people watcher) and I have also been looking inward to decide what is the best thing I can do going forward.

Fitting in around my study and work time, I have been volunteering in the local community and I have also been putting plans in place for having my daughter at home for schooling from Monday. 

I find these changes quite refreshing and I look forward to them with happiness and a sense of calm. You may find that odd as it should probably feel more 'normal' to be stressed about change, but they appeal to my inner need to feel useful. The fear, panic and anxiety surrounding all the unknowns that this virus has brought are understandable. I don't think there is anyone out there who isn't experiencing at least waves of uncertainty. I'm not here to make comment on the situation or pass judgement on whether or not we are justified in our anxiety. But I am here to say that as well as with the general population my thoughts are with those within the community suffering with eating disorders. 

People suffering with eating disorders may not be your first thought when you think of the vulnerable - but they most certainly are right now with all of the uncertainty around food availability, threat of isolation and fear of household stockpiling.

Whilst a change in available food and restrictions on movements for most of us are little more than an inconvenience, for those with eating disorders it can be extremely distressing - on top of an already difficult situation. We don't know what the coming weeks will bring, but in this time I urge us all to pull together and support those that are most vulnerable in our communities. I've seen some beautiful examples of humanity recently, so let's use this time to see how we can be part of that narrative. Having a non judgmental, curious and caring attitude towards everyone can help. We don't know what other people are going through so I am asking you today to practice kindness.

My daughter says "Kindness will change the World" and I know she is right.  The other purpose of me writing today is to reach out to ask if YOU need help. Are you suffering any form of eating disorder or maybe you struggle with other less intrusive forms of disordered eating? Are you worried about food and mental health at this time? Can I help you? I am here at the end of the email and happy to be in conversation with you for anything that can make a difference so don't be shy. A simple way to understand if you might suffer with disordered eating is if you are noticing a large amount of your thoughts being about food, panic around what to eat right now whether that is for health reasons, body shape or weight reasons, or lack of control concerning food, weight or shape. It's normal for people to use food as a coping mechanism but if it is causing you anxiety, fear or panic then reach out and ask for help.

You may also want to check this post out about the worry of binge eating whilst isolating.

Much Love AJx

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