It is common for people who want to lose weight, to look to sports people for inspiration. Or more common- to go visit a PT who thinks what sports people do is the "best way" to eat or exercise. They see a physique that is appealing and of course they believe that if they could work out and eat like that person then they too could look just like that.

There is a misconception that a lean body is a healthy body and that any fat on

the body is a health disaster waiting to happen. Actors and actresses are sources of inspiration too. But remember that they often adopt the same kind of training and eating regimes as athletes as they are privileged enough to have the time and money to be able to live that lifestyle and may also pursue roles which demand a specific "look".

I have had countless clients, male and female, come to me with the wish to be 'healthy' and ask how specific celebs or sports personalities look the way they look.

How do they train?

What do they eat?

Wishing - If only I could do that then I too would be 'so healthy'.

But the truth is, you don't know anyone's health just by looking at them and there is no linear link between how much fat is on your body and how healthy you are.

Now, considering that so many people believe these things.... that thin is healthy, that sports people or actors are the best at 'being healthy' or that a six pack is the ultimate badge of health....... Please also consider that among female athletes in weight class and aesthetic sports, disordered eating occurs at estimates of up to 62%. [1] And it's not just females. In weight-class sports (wrestling, rowing, horse racing, boxing) and aesthetic sports (bodybuilding, gymnastics, swimming, diving) about 33% of male athletes are also affected. So, now when you think about exercising and eating like and athlete to achieve your (usually unrealistic) goals how do you fancy your chances at including the risk of developing an eating disorder?

I want to lower the number of people presenting with sub clinical eating disorders - those who fly under the radar, those of you who keep looking for the perfect diet, who have never been off a diet, who constantly think about food or how their bodies look. And I want to make more people who are really happy with life in general and have a good grasp of what their personal nutrition and fitness should look like. Real health. Real balance.

I work with my clients who are stuck in the diet mentality, to come to terms with what a normal balanced life, healthy body and mind looks like for them as an individual. If food, weight, shape or diets are taking up all of your brain energy and your life, leaving you with guilt, shame and feeling a lack of control every time you "fail" then talk to me and find out how you can heal your relationship with food. Start living a life where you get to eat right for you and stop worrying about where to find "the best way".

Believe it or not your own body already knows the best way to be healthy... if you listen to it, let it and stop trying to control it.

REFERENCE [1] 'Sport Nutrition for Coaches by Leslie Bonci, MPH, RD, CSSD, 2009, Human Kinetics. Byrne et al. 2001; Sundot - Borgen & Torstviet 2004'

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