Confused about what to eat? Quit dieting!

Are you confused about what to eat? 🍟🥙

Hands up if you label foods, clean, healthy, unhealthy, bad, good, fattening, fat burning? Did you know that the confusion actually comes from labeling the foods? OK let's try another one.... Are you confused about when to go to the toilet? Hands up if you are not sure when you should be breathing or how many breaths you should take each day? Hmmm..... Knowing what to eat and how much to eat is an inbuilt function of your body, just like breathing, peeing and pooping. Trust me..... I bet those who don't know what to eat have a lot of thoughts around food and highly likely a lot of thoughts around their bodies too. Now, imagine for one minute that you did not have to think about this all the time and you decided to eat freely..... as freely as you decide on when to go to the loo, or breathe? Now here is an interesting topic to consider.... you can re-learn how to rely on your bodies own hunger and fullness by paying attention to your body, having patience and of course practice. It's the same as how you actually learned how to pee and poop! Breathing came more naturally I will grant you that, but it serves the same function as eating - to keep you alive. It's a basic human need. Now think about your basic human need of peeing and pooping - how do you think you would get on if you had strict rules around that - or breathing?? Pretty hard to fathom. So why do we seek out strange eating behaviour and judge food in a way that causes harm? It is usually the illusion of control. We may be lacking control somewhere else, but food is easy to control (or so you think), food is pleasure too and when we cannot control our emotions we can easily turn to food.

*Please note that emotions are not meant to 'be controlled' either, they are there for a reason and I will talk about that next time. How many of you constant dieters are perfectionists? How many of you love black and white rules and 'need' something to follow? Let's be clear - there are no inherently good or bad foods and your life should not be lived around a set of food rules or set of 'food beliefs' to follow. We have all heard the phrase rules were meant to be broken, and that's inevitably what happens - you rebel, or cave, you break a rule... you feel bad. What happens then?? You are "off the wagon", knee deep in a tub of Ben and Jerrys!, chocolate smeared all over your face and empty gin bottles lying about you........ "I'll start again Monday". So if you have been jumping from one diet to another your whole life, possibly getting heavier with each diet you tried, then how about this time you decided to STOP DIETING? I know - you just got that deep pounding in your heart, the hairs on your neck stood up and a shiver came down your spine. Stop dieting???? Then how will I lose weight?? Yes, it feels scary, but if you learn to trust your body again then you might realise that the endless pursuit of weight loss has not served you well up until now and it's not going to serve you any time. Quit it. Stop chasing weight loss and start chasing health. Who's in? Don't be scared. It's Monday and I challenge you all to quit dieting and start living and choosing health over what your shape or size is. Have a great day! AJx

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