Why I Didn't Congratulate My Client On Her Weight Loss

There is no getting away from it. Most of the participants (if not all) in my last 6 week challenge wanted to lose weight when they started the challenge.

I want the world to know there is a lot more to health and happiness than just losing weight.

And most importantly - weight is not a direct correlation to health.

But I know it is super important for so many people and I can't hide from that so I am willing to support people on this while they navigate the path away from dieting as a means to make themselves feel better.

When I was talking this lunchtime to one of the participants she told me that she had lost 4kg on this challenge. And you know what - I did not congratulate her.

I simply don't congratulate people on weight loss.

But what I did ask was - what did you do to make that happen?

So that is where I heard the real detail.

I mean in reality - I know how it happened. She expended more energy than she took in on average for 6 weeks. But what I am interested in, is what specifically did she do that made this happen, because if it was simply 'following a diet' then I know for 97% that it will not be maintained.

So, this lady told me what she had been doing.

She said she has been active most days and she has really worked on her mindset around 'good' and 'bad' food and behaviours and looked for what made her feel good. What made her smile, have more energy and take more care of herself.

Her husband has apparently never seen so many vegetables in his life, but I know this particular client now plans ahead and has more veg as she is using soups to fill what used to be filled with...... biscuits!

Don't worry. She still eats biscuits and last week she was eating chips while she spoke to me so I know she is not 'doing some crazy diet' and restricting things she wants.

And also - yay for carbs!

This is what it is all about ladies. Making those changes that allow you to feel good, and to understand what is making you feel good without it being too taxing or taking up too much time.

This lady has also managed to overcome a long term injury this year and over the last 6 weeks has really improved her running. She has managed to build in some other exercises from the challenge around her running and it's all working wonders for her, her self esteem, and mood.

My client said that her focus is not on losing weight but "doing things that are good for me" which has resulted in her "feeling better emotionally".

That's a win for me. And a few more in the group too.

If you want to join in the next challenge you can book using the link below or drop me a message.


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