Why You Need To Stop Lying To Yourself And Make Protein A Priority In Your Diet

As you will hear me mention A LOT, protein is essential to life and chocolate isn’t. So it’s a great idea to make sure there is ample protein in your diet and stop finding reasons not to eat it.


You are literally made of protein.

Your bones and muscles, arteries and veins, skin, hair, and fingernails. Your heart, brain, liver, kidneys, and lungs are built of tissue made of proteins.

Your body also goes through maintenance on a daily basis. So protein is required for making new skeletal and connective tissue such as muscles, bones, tendons and ligaments.

Protein is also required in the immune system plus hormonal and digestive systems. When these body systems don't work well you don't feel your best and can then be prone to more frequent or more intense periods of illness.

When fat and carbohydrates are insufficient, proteins produce the energy we need for life.

This is important to know especially when you are feeling a little under par or low on energy. Now you understand that by eating enough protein your bodies daily maintenance can carry on - making you feel and perform well, whilst using your carbohydrates and fats for energy, resulting in a more energised YOU.

Don't borrow protein from your other body parts - fuel it with protein to stay strong, healthy and balanced.

Protein can (and should) come from a wide range of sources, including meat, fish, dairy, legumes (beans, peas and lentils), and is also available, although in much smaller quantities, from vegetables, fruits and wholegrains. Chocolate - although not essential for body function can be included as part of a healthy balanced diet. Nobody is denying you chocolate..... we wouldn't dare!

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