Secrets Of The Perfect Diet - it's not what you think!

The nutritional pyramid is a great tool which can help you figure out what is important when getting your diet correct.

You might find it is contrary to what you hear about in the health and fitness industry because most of the mainstream information and advertising which is directed at you is from people who have an agenda purely to sell you something. (which usually needs to be bought over and over again)

With all if the misinformation flying about what happens is we end up focusing on the minutia when we haven't even got the big rocks in place.

Big rocks are essentially our foundations and when we get these right, then everything else falls into place. You wouldn't learn to run before you could walk so why would you do it with your nutrition, health or fitness?

What I would like you to realise is, the main thing holding up your perfect diet is your ability to stick to it.

Hands up - who has tried to lose weight and has found themselves jumping from one diet to another looking for the magic cure only to find short lived success and weight gain?

I am sorry to say, that life isn't like that.

Life is long.... and your diet needs to be there with you for life, not something you update every year like your Summer wardrobe.

What most people disregard at the start of a diet is how easy it will be to stick to, and they never usually have an exit plan. This is why most often the weight does creep back on. Nobody is telling us how to keep weight off, only how to get it off as fast as possible.

Here is the order in which we need to focus



  • MACRONUTRIENTS (carbs, fats, protein....... and alcohol)


  • MICRONUTRIENTS (vitamins & minerals)



Most people will focus on a supplement when it makes little difference if you don't have the foundations under it. And many more will be wanting to find out if intermittent fasting is going to be the 'magic cure'.

(sshhh...... I have a secret for you.... WHEN you eat doesn't matter for weight loss but I am afraid it matters a lot for health for a lot of people)

When looking at meal timing specifically, I would be doing this with an athlete and generally never with the general population, unless that person was working a shift pattern or travelling across time zones often.

Adherence and calories make up the vast amount of importance..... because if you cannot stick to a way of eating then it will never work for you long term.

If you are not eating the right amount or able to stick to it then there is no supplement in the world or meal timing plan that will help you.

A lot of clients I talk to actually don't know much about calories yet they count them... so I will go into this in detail soon so you can get some real information and can dismiss the idea that calories are little monsters who creep into your wardrobe at night and sew your waist bands tighter.

I hope that you enjoy the rest of the week and as always if you have any questions on this topic then comment below or just contact me here and ask away. I won't bite... I promise.

Take care! AJx

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