Uniquely Qualified to Help You Recover From a Lifetime of Struggling with Food and Body Image Issues

I have just completed 3 very long and information packed days of training on psychological interventions for obesity with Deanne Jade and Julia Buckroyd.

It is only a small part of a year of PhD level training with National Centre for Eating Disorders and Obesity, accredited by the British Psychological Society and Royal College of Psychiatrists.

*Please excuse the word obesity as I know it has certain connotations and stigma attached.

It is important for me to share this with you, as I want to highlight the issues around how many other health and fitness professionals just don't go into this level of professional development and it can do their clients a real dis-service. Often allowing clients to become stuck in diet culture and ignoring important warning signs which lead to eating disorders and disordered thinking and behaviour, such as perpetuating low self worth and poor emotional resilience.

So I am blowing my own trumpet and feeling very proud that I am one of the very few people qualified in physiology, nutrition AND psychological approaches to weight loss, diet and exercise. I am also an eating disorder practitioner, which is important as it gives me the correct tools to make very helpful decisions about what clients I can and cannot work with and who best to refer out to or collaborate with. My experience is quite unique and gives me the ability to help people in a way that they are not used to, which leads to a lifelong transformation, and a deeper understanding of the individuals situation.

There will be a lot of professionals out there telling you they do 'mindset work' or 'behaviour change' but are they really qualified to be doing this? Quite often - they are not. I do deal with a lot of clients who come to me broken by other "fitpros" and I want to be able to help them once and for all to heal their relationships with their bodies, food and their minds.

I hope you are all having a great weekend, and I would encourage anybody who has any issues with food, weight, shape or body image to get in touch for a chat. My main clientele are females over 40 who have long term binge eating and dieting problems, usually gaining more and more weight the more they try. However, I am happy to work with others even younger who don't want to become so deeply troubled by it in their 40's and 50's. Prevention is better than cure, always.

Much Love AJx

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