You Don't Need to Love Your Body

There are a lot of people out there putting pressure on you to love your body but this can be counter productive if we don't replace the attention we give to our bodies with something else which increases our feelings or worth.

It is not necessary to like your body at all, it really isn't. But if you struggle with your body image then it is necessary to make it less important so you can increase your other domains of self worth.

Self worth is the gold standard for addressing poor body image and is used extensively in eating disorder treatments. It's something most of my clients struggle with when they come to me. And please note they are in the main not eating disorder clients but those who have struggled with dieting, binge eating and weight gain their whole life.

When you stop trying to shrink your body and stop trying too hard to love your body then wonderful things can start to happen.

But how do you do it? How do you learn to carry around this thing you don't love but that is not what you want/like/are happy with?

First and foremost, try accepting your body and being compassionate with yourself.

Stop behaving in ways which make you feel worse about your body, like checking it all the time or poking the fat bits to see if they are still fat.

Stop comparing yourself to everyone else. If nobody else was around how would you "know" it was not a "good body"?

Get out and live! There is no time to wait for the "ideal weight". Take action now on the things you want to do. If you want to go swimming I can guarantee that nobody cares about the size of your thighs, just go do it.

Remove toxic influences from your life. Those magazines with photoshopped models you are comparing yourself to and the influencers you barely know on instagram. You don't know what they are going through themselves just to get a few likes.

And work hard on your self worth - what else do you have that gives you a sense of being 'worth it'?

Expand your positive body experiences in all senses. Listen to the birds or your favourite music, pet your cats, do some yoga, put on your favourite perfume and be bigger in all things other than your body.

Stop worrying and start living and remember that YOU DO NOT NEED TO LOVE YOUR BODY.

Please share this with anybody who needs to hear it and reach out if you are struggling with your body image. It's more common than you think and it doesn't make you bad or less of a person.

You are wonderful just as you are - you just need to start looking at more than your body for the answers.

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