Client Testimonials

I really feel and see the difference....

It’s been 3 months and I really feel and see the difference and the results have been good. This is 100% down to AJ’s support, guidance, motivation and encouragement to do better. I think she’s great. She always explains why you’re doing what you’re doing.

I’ve signed up for another 3 months…can’t recommend her enough. She knows her stuff and has a really positive way of getting results. Massive thanks.

-- Jill, Engagement Lead, NHS, London 


I am on the path to overcoming a life long hurdle....

"I am heavily overweight and this has varied over the 36 years I have been on this planet but always on the wrong end of the scale. I have been working with AJ for almost 2 months now and I can really feel the difference. 
My goals are going to be achieved over a 1-2 year period and I feel confident I am working with the best person to get me those results. The initial 30 day food plan has revolutionized how I look at food and how great I can feel from making the right choices. Combined with a plan tailored to me, I feel like I am on the path to overcoming a life long hurdle. ps - she's good fun too :-)"

-- Ciaran, Group Revenue Manager, London 


I worked with AJ for over a year and she is fantastic. 
She is very attentive, and takes into consideration all your needs alongside what you want to achieve, but she encourages and guides you into making the right life style change to get to your goals, not just relying on sessions with her but helping you with tailored eating plans to work on outside of sessions. I never get bored with AJ, and I love how we worked on my strengths but she also pushed the right amount, to work on my weaknesses which normally I find very daunting. 
There were times where I was struggling to shift the pounds and AJ didn't just say 'carry on', she asked me to write a food diary to help me figure out what was not working, so I could adjust my food intake, which as it happened, needed to go up, not down! And the tape measure, dropping down, is proof in the pudding! 
Each session is always different and AJ makes you feel at ease and has the perfect balance of encouragement to make sure you make the most out of your session, she wants to see the results as much as you! 

-- Boyarde, Artist, London 

​I wholeheartedly recommend AJ. I worked with her in private sessions. She is very attentive, very careful about what you do and to make sure you're doing it right, and is always very encouraging.

-- Rachel, Lawyer, London

Saw results almost right away! 

"Hi, just wanted to add my recommendation for AJ - - she's funny, friendly and knows what she's talking about. I just needed a bit of toning up and fitness, and AJ put together a bespoke food and exercise planner for me that was completely realistic, and full of activities she knew i'd enjoy. I've been seeing her for about 6 months or so, and honestly saw results almost right away. 
I'm really pleased I added AJ to my busy schedule, and recommend her to anyone looking for actual results without enduring a drill-sergeant style trainer!"
-- Helen, Global Marketing Manager, London

Lost over a stone, without too much effort or sacrifice...
"Having just achieved the two goals I set myself when I started working with AJ only  a few months ago I wanted to say a big thanks to her and explain to others just how good she is. I have struggled with a knee injury for 10 years and so was very nervous starting personal training for the first time. AJ has worked with me to understand the issue and correct it, building up my fitness and strength to be able to run 10k inside 3 months. She has also advised me on my diet, pretty much transforming what I eat. She has been very blunt with me about the mistakes I have been making. 

Her advice has enabled me to lose over a stone, to be honest without too much effort or sacrifice, and I now have a very happy balance I can maintain. AJ's main strength is she cares about her clients and if you want her full input she will advise, challenge, teach and support you to make whatever change you are targeting. I cannot recommend her enough..." 

-- Michelle, Director & Fund Manager, London

Her focus is on a lifestyle change and long-term solutions rather than a quick-fix approach.
"I highly recommend AJ and BALANCEFORLIFE who I know works with quite a few professionals in SE London. I started working with AJ over a year ago, after I had my second baby. What stands out about AJ is her genuine interest in health AND fitness, coupled with her ability to thoroughly assess her clients' need and tailor their regime appropriately. Her focus is on a lifestyle change and long-term solutions rather than a quick-fix approach. My sessions with her are not just tailored but very versatile. l'm clearly a very happy client with excellent results to show for it:-)"

-- Obi, Leadership & Team Dynamics Coach, London

What a difference changes to your lifestyle like this can make to everything.

Just wanted to post a massive thank you to AJ for all her help and patience! My husband and I wanted to feel great for our wedding last year, and found AJ’s details on the East Dulwich Forum. We wanted to eat healthier, tone up and lose a bit of weight. AJ was incredible every step of the way and we both achieved exactly what we set out to - really couldn't recommend her highly enough. AJ asked us what areas we’d like to focus on, and organised our sessions accordingly so we would have the right environment for each of us to reach our goals. She also gave us work to do at home -- and checked up if we’d done it by email! It was really great to have someone truly focus you and be on board with your goals. It’s safe to say my husband and I are on the lazy side, and we needed that focus and push, and it really paid off. I wanted a lot of help with my diet, and AJ was always on hand if I had a query about how to plan my food over the coming months etc (I was probably quite annoying, sending lots of emails, but she always got back to me with seriously helpful advice). 
It really was a great experience – she even got me doing things I didn't think I could ever do due to past bad experiences. Also really important – it was never boring and she was flexible with sessions. We both seriously enjoyed it and it’s made us realise what a difference changes to your lifestyle like this can make to everything, not just your weight, but how you feel and energy levels. Also helps that AJ is incredibly fun, sweet, friendly!

-- Natalie, Staff Writer, London

She really cares about her clients.
"AJ is amazing. She's motivating, extremely professional and knows what she's talking about. In the last year she has helped coach me through an injury and helped me reach all of my goals. She is always prepared, and thinks carefully about my needs, availability and preferences to make sure that I always have the right programme and stay motivated. Her differentiator is that she really cares about her clients. And she is a lot of fun too. Highly recommended to anyone. 

-- Helen, Manager, London

Miracle diets stopped working on me.
"I have been working with AJ for the last 5 months. I have been most of my life fairly slim and haven’t thought of even trying to break sweat at the gym, until the point when I gained 20kg and miracle diets stopped working on me. Getting back to doing anything may be a big challenge, especially if we haven’t been moving much for the last couple of years. I have to admit that the physical (10kg less) and mental gains I have made since working out with AJ have been wonderful. AJ has great knowledge  and is capable of determining the individual abilities of her clients. 

She is supportive, enthusiastic and very focused on getting you reach your goal. AJ is a brilliant teacher as well, she explains everything very well. When I met AJ I had no experience with weight training and now it’s one of my favourite things and it does tones my body very quickly. AJ also offers lots of advise on nutrition which is extremely important to get the body you want. I finally managed to start eating and losing weight, which is a great deal to me. I enjoyed every session with AJ, she keeps it interesting and challenging, and in no time you see how quickly you build strength. If you are looking for a real person who cares about your progress and result, then you just found her!!! "

-- Ola, Customer Relationship Manager, London

Happy New Mum

AJ managed to get me eating healthy again after 6 months of pigging out on anything I could get my hands on whilst breast feeding. I would highly recommend her."

-- Becky, Company Owner & Director, South London

She really opened my eyes to my nutrition. 

"AJ is my heroine! I highly recommend her for anyone looking to get healthier and happier. AJ helped me put together a realistic eating plan to give me the energy I need. She really opened my eyes to my nutrition. 

-- Lewis, Engineering Team Leader, Gipsy Hill, South London

Thrilled with the results.
"I highly recommend AJ. I have been working with her for the last 3 months. She's a great motivator and has created tailored programmes for me to help me meet my goals. AJ is extremely flexible and has accommodated my change in schedule on the odd week where work has got in the way. She also provides me with nutritional advice and gives me a training programme to follow in between our weekly sessions, all of which have contributed to me meeting my goals. I've been thrilled with the results- I'm now at my target weight, am more more toned and much fitter than before. I'm looking forward to seeing what AJ can help me achieve over the next 6 months!" 

-- SD, Corporate Head of Legal, London

AJ is very motivating

I am glad I found AJ to work with. She is very motivating and was as enthusiastic as me in reaching my goals. I would recommend AJ to help you reach your goals and then for maintenance. I am gonna keep going with AJ and keep things going in the right direction! 

-- Marcy, Perth Online Client

I felt so much healthier and active.
"I started working with AJ a few months before my wedding and it was such a good experience. I have had previous trainers who were more concerned about making money then actually helping me reach my goals. She helped me push outside my comfort zone while training and really supported me. I felt so much healthier and active. She tailored specific exercises for my problem areas and even when I could not attend due to work conferences out the city she would email me workouts and video links to follow. Without a shadow of a doubt I would HIGHLY recommend AJ to anyone who wants to get fit, lose weight, or just generally wants be more healthy. :o)" -- Sana, Contracts Specialist, London

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